We propose our services
in the following areas

Standard Recruitment

Our speciality is direct search & selection service tied closely to our client demands. More than 30 years of experience and operational knowledge of the IT market is solid base which allows us to quickly reach the candidates who will match the required profile. We are qualifying them further using various interview and skills tests in terms of ongoing project as well as verifying using reference check.

Executive Search

In case of hiring senior high level specialist, manager or executive we recommend our Executive Search service and expertise. Combining top class consultancy with proven regional search capability and unique network of contacts in our database based on 30 years presence we strive to bring you best senior executives with a proven business critical experience you need.

Human Resources Consulting

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

If the client decides to move his recruitment process outside the organization than we are offering tailored recruitment process outsourcing. This service allows you to focus on your key aims allowing Positive Recruitment to design, conduct and report the whole recruitment area and take the responsibility for managing that processes.

Talent Development

We help our clients to shape modern HR departments as well efficient recruitment tools, procedures and whole strategies. Our training work focuses on practical cases and optimal approach needed to form college hiring program, referral structure or internal skills base related with efficient recruiting.


Take part in one of our dedicated trainings: “Master the art of modern, technology-based recruiting”, “How to implement happiness and awareness in every aspect of your organization” or “Accelerate your recruitment career”. We can also prepare the tailored one based on your selection from our knowledge database.


We are ready to help you by providing the needed employees straight into your organization, allowing you to focus on your core business. While you maintain control over who is hired and let go from the company, Positive Recruitment will take over many of the other tasks associated with employing the required talent. You are not losing any precious time while keeping your operations costs at required level. We flexibly adapt such outsourcing cooperation model to your company needs. Contact us for more information about details of this service.

Our Partnership

Positive Recruitment, in partnership with, proudly offers a comprehensive suite of Software Advisory Services tailored specifically for tech startups. Our collaboration combines deep industry knowledge and technical expertise to support startups at every stage of their development.

Software Advisory Services:

Product & Architecture Review

We ensure that your product architecture aligns perfectly with your business goals, supporting scalability and adaptability as your startup grows.

Technology Due Diligence

Prepare for investment and partnership opportunities with our thorough technology evaluations, designed to highlight strengths and identify potential risks in your technology stack.

SDLC Processes Optimization

We optimize your software development lifecycle to enhance efficiency and effectiveness, helping you deliver high-quality software faster and more reliably.

UX Optimization

Elevate your user experience with our UX optimization services. We focus on improving user engagement and satisfaction, which are crucial for the success and growth of your digital products.

Building Elite IT Teams

Leverage our expertise to assemble top-tier IT teams that drive technological innovation and success. Our strategic recruitment ensures you get the best talent suited to your unique needs.

VC Strategy and Legal Consulting

Navigate the complex landscape of venture capital investment and legal challenges with our expert consulting services. We provide strategic insights and legal advice to help secure funding and facilitate successful business operations.

At Positive Recruitment, we understand the unique challenges faced by tech startups. Our Software Advisory Services, in partnership with, are designed to propel your startup towards success by enhancing your technological capabilities and operational efficiency.